TLC Servicing

All vehicles benefit from regular servicing, regardless of age, type or driving use. It is important to maintain and get the best out of your vehicle by regularly service it. At Autoplex we use top of the line products, Penrite Oil, and our services meet Warranty standards. We are a Autosure approved Service provider.

Our standard Service is from $79.00.
This includes:

  • Checking tyre pressure (inc spare)
  • Lubing hinges
  • Change engine oil
  • Replace oil filter (if applicable)
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Observe status of timing belt
  • Check coolant levels
  • Check hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check windscreen levels
  • Check trans/gear box/diff fluid levels
  • Inspect drive line boots
  • Grease where applicable
  • Overall visual inspection
  • Check air filter
  • Check battery Level